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Webton is a verbal trademark or service mark defined as a sequence of four (4) to two hundred and fifty-five (255) characters from those enumerated herein: the alphanumeric characters of the English alphabet, space (" "), dash ("-"), slash ("/"), ampersand ("&"), comma (","), full colon (":"), semicolon (";"), and full stop/dot ("."). Webton must contain at least four (4) alphanumeric characters, excluding an initial article (the/a/an) if present. Single (generic) English words cannot be registered as Webtons. However, a Webton may contain such English words together with one or more other valid characters, including a chain of at least two such English words.

Application for Webton registration can be made by submitting the Webton Registration Agreement to the Webton Office.

Webton records are maintained in the Webton Register.

1998 Webton Office. All rights reserved. Webton, Webton Office and The Global Trademark Solution are Webtons and service marks of the Webton Office. The Webton Logo (The Saturnized "W") is a trademark of the Webton Office.


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